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Dickie the Cockroach was Rat's first Comic Strip character, as Angry Bob was with stories. He appeared on the following comic strips: January 2, 2005; January 9, 2005; January 16, 2005; and January 30, 2005. Rat describes Dickie as "the cockroach you love to love"

What he does

Dickie ties up the people he didn't like and slapped duct tape on their months. Originally, he took the heads of the people he didn't like and stuffed them in closets; the original versions of the five strips had to be edited due to massive beheadings in Iraq.

What he did to Cathy

In one of the five aforementioned strips (January 9, 2005), Dickie tied up Cathy and slapped duct tape on her mouth. The original version of the strip showed only her head. The following Sunday strip (January 16, 2005) featured Rat confronting Dickie for what he did to Cathy.

What he did to Rat

In another strip (January 30, 2005), Dickie tied up Rat and slapped duct tape on his mouth, and then handed him over to Cathy; in the original version of that strip, Dickie pulled off Rat's head and handed it over to Cathy.

What he did to Pig

In the January 2, 2005 strip, Dickie tied up Pig and slapped duct tape on his mouth, and booted him in his rear.

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