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Guard Duck's Anti-Cow Movement was an organization controlled by Guard Duck. It's purpose was to combat the threat posed by the Council of Cows.


In late 2009, Guard Duck started to believe that cows were terrorists, and posed a threat to America. His response was to create a wing of Rat's Organization poised to deal with that threat.


Early on

After arriving at the conclusion that cows proved a threat to National Security, Guard Duck withdrew from Rat and Pig's front lawn, and prepared to begin his assault. Early on, he recruited Pig and Snuffles into his movement, and garnered sympathies from Rat, although Goat was a vocal critic.


"Hang up the phone, Guard Duck."

Guard Duck then called the radio show 'The unexplained, from Coast to Coast' which was currently being hosted by Rat. Guard Duck claimed he was one of many aliens that had disguised themselves as cows to invade Earth, in an attempt to create hostility towards cows. However, Rat saw through this, and ordered him to hang up. After this, Guard Duck and Snuffles briefly worked as a hollywood agent and manager, respectively, and joined a movement to put pants on Ziggy.


After a lull in his attacks, Guard Duck revived his movement. He sent an angry letter to McDonald's, criticizing them for not killing enough cows, which drew criticism from Rat. He then attempted to warn Goat about the Council of Cows, but Goat loudly stated his disbelief, causing the Council to consider executing him.

War on Drama Cow

Main Article: Ratopia-Guard Duck Conflict.

Guard Duck discovers Katie.

Abandoning the cause, Pig soon became friends with a cow named Katie the Drama Cow. However, Guard Duck discovered this, and evacuated Pig from the house. He then ordered airstrikes across the Neighborhood in an attempt to flush her out.


However, all strikes missed, destroying the houses of many others, including Neighbor Bob. Drama Cow then took refuge inside a foreign country, the sovereign state of Ratopia, which was ruled by Rat. This forced the State Department to order Guard Duck to call off his attacks.