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Larry is a Crocodile who lives next door to Zebra. He might wear contact lens; because in grade school, he had glasses. He is seen talking to Zebra the most frequently.


Frieda (?)

Freida was a crocodile who was once married to a croc, presumbly to Larry or Bob. Her only appearance was in the 6/15/2009 strip, and she said she never respected the croc. They possibly got divorced after the strip, due to the fact Larry now has a wife, Patty, or if it was Bob or another croc she could've just left them. It has yet to be verified if she was married to Larry.


In fifth grade, Larry wore pants(?), a shirt, glasses, and braces. When another crocodile saw his yearbook picture, he noted that he was a "brace-face loser". However, in the 6/14/10 comic, it was said that he dropped out in fourth grade.


Chicken Farmer

Larry once started a chicken farm, but the idea didn't turn out well, due to the fact that he dressed up as the founder of KFC, and their chicken feed was KFC chicken. He ended up selling the farm to his friend Bob, who was subsequently executed by the chickens.



Larry appears to be of average intelligence for a crocodile (which is stupid), and speaks with a faint Russian Accent. He has to be smarter than many crocs, because he is still alive, but it has been stated many times that he is the stupidest croc. It also should be noted that he has an uncanny ability to absorb information from the science and history Chanel's, a fact that once almost won him a game of jeporady, except that he was unable to pronounce 'zebra' correctly.

Friends and Family


Larry's wife, Patty, has average female-crocodile intelligence. She is annoyed by her husband's many faults, but cares about, as shown when Larry's parents called him a failure and left; she then opened the door and yelled at them "He may be a failure, but he's my failure, #$@^$ it!", to which Larry replied "Dat nicest ting anyone say bout me."


Main Article: Billy.

Junior is Larry's son. Unlike him, Junior is intelligent and goes to school. Larry always tries to make Junior not do his homework and play with him (e.g., on their Wii). He is a vegetarian, although his anatomy says differently. Junior has a crush on Zebra's niece, Joy, so obviously Larry and Patty disapproved. When Patty found out about this, she told Larry: "If you would have eaten him like a normal crocodile, none of this would have happened!" To this Larry responded: "But me love him." At this, Patty beat Larry up.This might imply that Larry had eaten Junior's siblings, as crocodiles usually have more than one child at a time. Junior and Joy tried to bring the families together at a Christmas party, but every one let Larry alone with another one of Joy's uncles, then came in with a covered platter. It turned out that it was KFC chicken inside, because he knocked out the zebra with a "Key of Friendship" that he had earlier obtained, but he was to fat to throw onto the barbeque, so he ended up eating one of his legs raw.


Bob is a somewhat new character who can be recognized by the fact that he wears a hat most of the time. He is just as "intelligent" as Larry is, since he is named Bob, and is a croc, he frequently dies, but is somehow reborn. Not much is known about him, besides the fact that he wears a hat most of the time. Larry cares about Bob, as shown when after one death, Larry attempted to use Cyrogenics to revive Bob, but he actually just shoved him in their cooler, which he filled with ice.


  • "God grant me da serenity to accept da prey me no can catch. Courage to catch da prey me can. And da wisdom teef to chew da big ones."
  • "Now me lay me down to sleep. Mow da zeebas down like sheep. Give dem to me nice and dead. Me no happy 'Til me fed."

Please note that Larry does not say "Amen" at the end of his prayers.

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