In Pearls Before Swine, Rat, Pig, Goat, and Zebra have many neighbors throughout the strip.

Minor People

Safari Bob

Safari Bob was a neighbor to Rat and Pig and has a hobby as a hunter. He even mounts his victims on plaques, stuffs them, and mounts them on his walls. Once, Rat and Pig had the misfortune to find one of Zebra's cousins mounted. They "gave" it to Zebra.


Floyd was another neighbor of Rat and Pig who owned a komquat tree and it constantly dropped fruit on Rat's lawn. Rat in response had a Nuclear Missile that he bought from Russia, and threatened Floyd with it. To Rat's response, Floyd also bought a Nuclear Missile, and threatened Rat. Both eventually made a treaty and Floyd's wife made a clothesrack out of the two missiles.

The Australian Neighbor

Pig once met a neighbor who had moved in from Australia. Unfortunately, Pig was being stupid, as he was explaing to the neighbor that he knew in Australia it was winter, while here it was summer, and the neighbor was so annoyed, he slammed the door on Pig. Pig notes he never got a chance to say, "Merry Christmas."

The Landlord

Rat and Pig's landlord was mad at Rat and Pig once for skipping the rent with Rat's "Unthinkology", and invented his own "ology" : Evictology.

The Crossing Guard

Rat once had a conflict with one of the neighborhood crossing guards as he was ticked off that she made him stop his car. Rat then becomes stupid and says, "Listen Mister, this is just how them Nazis in Canada got their start". Of course, Goat points out Nazis were from Germany.


Myra was a waitress at Waffle Barn, a local restaurant, that Rat had on his so-called "Celebrity Talk Show". Rat tries to hide this, but she blurts it out to the crowd, and Rat replies, "Let's give a shout-out to waffles."


Billy was a neighborhood kid who was confused and thought Jesus' parents were flamingoes, thanks to Pig.


Fred was a garbageman in Rat's neighborhood who was on Rat's "Celebrity Talk Show." Not much else is known about him.

The Chef

When Pig was at a restaurant, he confused a Chef with soup.


Roland, as described by Rat was the "Fat kid down the block", as he was fat and seen eating ice cream.

The Unknown Girls

Two girls made an appearance next to Pig when he said he was an S.T.D (Super-Teriffic-Dude), but were seen to misunderstand him. They made some cameos in other adventures.

The Waiters

A waiter was seen trying to take Pig's order at a restaurant called "Le Bistro", and was trying to ask Pig how many people were with him, but Pig, as usual, misunderstood him and made the waiter almost punch him.

Another was seen at another eatery with Lobsters, and asked if Rat and Pig wanted Lobster Bibs, but Pig grabbed Toilet Seat covers and said they were bibs, adding to his stupidity.

Another was a man who served Pig some soup, only to misunderstand him and thought Pig said the "Mini-Tony" instead of Minestrone.

Nikos Papandropouls

"Niko" was a Guardian Angel for Pig, and wasn't really good at his job, as he lost a couple of guys in a week. Pig liked him, until a man from a Mental Institution came and said he was an escapee who posed as random religious figures (one of them was Moses.), and later took him away.

The Hotel Clerk

When Rat and Pig went on Vacation, Rat argued with a Hotel Clerk because he wanted a room by the sea, and the clerk almost put them in the Parking Lot. He later put Rat and Pig in a room very close to the sea, as Rat walked out the door and plunged into the ocean.

The Unknown Manager

In a strip, Rat was attempting to get a job and was consulting with the boss, and misunderstood the term the words "Mock Interview", as he mocked the boss and probably never got the job.


Bob was a neighbor that Pig met while he thought that Bob's wife was throwing a "Party" for him, but was really doing another thing, as Pig found out.

The Dead Guy

When Rat was running for City Council, he was against a dead guy, who in the end won. Rat attempted to emulate him by pretending to die, but it backfired.

The Mailmen

Rat, Pig, Goat and Zebra have mailmen who deliver the mail to them. They are all different.

The Unknown Man

Rat consulted with a man when he was running for City Council, but the man refused to vote for him because Rat wanted to invade Mexico for Tacos.

The Man in a Sweater

Pig was attempting to help a man in a sweater for losing his wallet. He later beat up Pig because Pig's job was at a Lost and Found booth, and he didn't even look to see if he had his wallet. He resembles the Australian Neighbor, and maybe he is him, but it is still unknown.

The Lawyer

Rat bought a lawyer from a Yard sale and used him in the Carpool Lane and as a lamp. He later sued Pig for touching him.

"Box Me In" Customers

When Rat was the C.E.O of a company called "Box Me In", he had several customers, including humans, pets and a judge.

The Baker

In a strip, Pig tries to get some donuts, and the baker asks if he wants donut holes, but Pig, as he is stupid, thinks he means the hole of a donut, a.k.a nothing


A man named Lenny talks to Pig oddly, and Pig explains he works at a Drive-Thru.

The Bob's Grocery Mart Clerk

A clerk asked Pig if he wanted Paper or Plastic, but Pig thought he was asking what method of payment was he paying. The man gets mad and at the end when Pig finally understands, he says, "A Bag."

St. Peter

When Rat was hit by a car and went to heaven, he met St. Peter, who was going to send Rat to Hell for being bad, and explains why.

Members of Heaven

When Rat went to heaven, he met some habitants in heaven who wore wings.

Abraham Lincoln

When Rat went to Heaven, he met Abe Lincoln. Lincoln then asks Rat, "How'd that Play end?"


Dan was a manager at a Flower Shop called "Dan's Flowers". He has a small wife named Stephanie, and Pig at the end makes fun of her and at Dan's sign for the shop by saying this, "That's one small Steph for Dan, one giant leaf for Dan's sign."

The Flight Attendant

Rat once got in an argument with a Flight Attendant for the lack of food.

The French Artist Couple

When Pig, as a janitor at an art mueseum, accidently left his mop on a wall, a French Couple thought it was a statue, and in the end, Pig told them it was just a mop.