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The National Enquirat was a tabloid that Rat ran for a while, taking photos of his friends and lying about the content of them. (For example, he once took a photo of Goat after asking for an Advil pill; with the pill in his hand visible, Rat published it, claiming Goat was a drug addict.) Rat finally stopped publishing it after noticing that, even though he was making lots of money, he still wasn't happy.

Issues of the National Enquirat

June 25, 2007 Issue: Zebra Explodes In Night Of Rage! Four Stabbed With Greasy Fork! "I thought I knew him." says former associate. Substance Abuse Suspected! Boyhood Town Feels "Great Shame."

June 29, 2007 Issue: Pig Snagged In Lurid Tryst! "Sick, sick, sick." says cop. Pays Cash For Affection From Octogenarian. Mother Disowns Degenerate Son. Scorned Ex Left To Pick Up Pieces.

July 2, 2007 Issue: Drug-Addled Goat Busted In Massive Narcotics Sting. From Alter Boy to Altered Boy: One Goat's Descent Into Sin

July 6 Issue: Don't Ask, Don't Tell? Sarge: "I'm not pleased."

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