Neighbor Ron (first appearance: October 12th, 2005), is a resident of The Neighborhood, and a Neighbor of Rat and Pig's.[1][2]


In his first appearance, Ron encountered Pig and Guard Duck. Pig explained Guard Duck's purpose to him, to which Ron immediately countered with a pun, to which Guard Duck threw him into a wall.[1]

Several years later, in 2017, Ron introduced his father, Ron Sr., to Rat, during which it was revealed that Ron was a popular name in their family, with two of Ron's cousins having it as well.[2]


Not much about Ron's personality is known. In his first appearance, he mocked Guard Duck, however this was a running gag at the time and can not say much about him.

Physical Appearance

Ron's appearance has drastically changed over time, much like Neighbor Bob's and Neighbor Floyd's. In his first appearance, he was a blond man with glasses and a suit. In his second appearance, he was without glasses, his hair was black, and he was wearing a brown sweater.

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