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Many: Mostly capitalizing off of people

Relationship Status

Former: Farina, Ivona, and Cindy

Current: possibly Christmas Tree Lady


Pig, Goat, and Zebra


Very many, mainly neighbors

Rat (debut: December 30, 2001) is a narcissistic, misanthropic rat, and is an antihero. He frequently breaks the fourth wall, as well as being aware of his implementation as a fictional comic strip character. Because of this, Rat is often critical of the comic strip's style and artwork as well as the other characters in the strip and many other living things. Often self-employed, most of his businesses involve either punishing or defrauding people for their ignorance, much in the same vein as Dogbert, though with a darker humor. His political views are alarmingly right-wing, especially in foreign policy, and he has a particular hatred for the nation of France. Rat is often rude, and he can usually be found criticizing or insulting someone. Rat lives with Pig and Guard Duck in a house somewhere in Albany, California.

He also shows some knowledge in the legal profession. He has represented many characters as lawyers, and has been a judge twice, although this could just be because of a mistaken belief that the gavel is used "to pound people on the head." He also was the corparate consuel for Joe's raostery.

Rat is an insensitive character in the strip, whose interactions with others are typically sarcastic, condescending, self-centered, insulting and sometimes violent.[1] It is stated during a storyline where Rat dies and subsequently returns that nobody really likes him other than Pig. When breaking the fourth wall he will berate his creator on various topics, including joke writing, artwork, or the general content of the strip itself. Rat has also beaten up and possibly try to kill his creator, but has also asked him to simply retire early. In one strip, Rat makes a puppet of Stephan and mocks him.

He is also slightly childish in his ways. He was once seen portraying a native american, fighting Davy Crockett, who was portrayed by Pig. In another strip, he and Pig expressed anger and resentment over the fact that "the sharpener on the crayon box never worked!"

In his spare time (almost always on Sunday), Rat writes one of three stories:

  • The Adventures of Angry Bob: A novel series about a 39-year old man who is always angry, attempts to find happiness, eventually does, then dies a horrible death immediately afterward.
  • Danny Donkey: A children's book series about a donkey who tries to teach children morals by drinking, smoking, stealing, violence, hating people, and various other methods. At one point in the strip, he came to life after Rat made a stuffed animal of him, but Pastis eventually returned him to a character in Rat's stories after it did not catch on. Often times, Rat uses him as a method to express his hatred of people. Danny Donkey often turns people into beers or kills his neighbors, something Rat would do if he could.
  • Elly Elephant: A series about a female elephant who is extremely friendly, thoughtful, and helpful toward other people, but does not receive the same consideration. These stories sometimes end with Elly stomping on (and in a couple instances, strangling) them.

Pastis has mentioned that the character of Rat is his "voice" and that he identifies himself with Rat more than any other character.[2][3]


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