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Snuffles is Zebra's pet cat, adopted by the crocs to become a stealth assassinBut Snuffles became a friend with Zebra. The crocs thought he was going to assassinate Zebra once he had cover. The crocs thought this until they thought they were "told" by Snuffles to dig in a certain spot for a "secret message." It is later insinuated that it was actually cat dung. A few months later Snuffles was revealed as an international terrorist, selling nuclear technology to the Syrians. He was put in a cage. Until Guard Duck took Snuffles and made him a Helikitty ( BlackOut Helicopter + kitty cat = Helikitty) in order to bomb a house with a cow inside. He has been saving the nation (and destroying it) ever since. But he often screws up. Like when he gave Guard Duck the map to Jamacia, when they should have assaulted Cuba during the Rat-Cuban War, causing them to get arrested there. They got out because they bribed the wardens with free cigars. He also gave Guard Duck the intructions to work a microwave, not to disable a nuclear bomb during the Pearls Nuclear Crisis.

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