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The Waterfowler was Guard Duck's supervillan persona. He was hired by The Fantastic Four, a group of three crocs, to help rescue Patty from Zebra. However, Guard Duck betrayed them, killing Paper Jam Boy while trying to fix a printer.


As the Waterfowler, Guard Duck is more sadistic than usual. After murdering Paper Jam Boy, the last member of the Fantastic Four, with a printer, he sarcastically remarks that he thought the instructions were "Kill Loner", a reference to PJB being the last member of the Fantastic Four, not "Add toner."

He also has a sensitive side, crying about Maura. This implies that her leaving him was what drove Guard Duck to don the Top Hat and monocle in the first place, and act as the Waterfowler.


  • He is based off of the penguin from Batman.
  • This is the only time Guard Duck takes an official villain persona.