Zeeba Zeeba Eata is a fraternity of crocodiles whose goal is to devour and kill Zebra. Larry's family is not part of the fraternity, while Larry is. They formed Eet-a-Zeeb inc. in an attempt to kill Zebra.


A typical attempt to eat Zebra.


The members of Z.Z.E are often stupid crocodiles who come up with foolish schemes to attempt to eat Zebra. Their plans usually involve an elaborate deception that they believe is foolproof (while in fact, it is easy to see through) and often end with someone in the group dying.


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  • The crocs are willing to intentionally kill each other in order to kill Zebra, though this always fails.
  • Due to their various deaths, Z.Z.E now has only a fraction of its original members. There are currently 18 crocodiles in Z.Z.E.
  • Over 80 Crocdiles from ZZE have died since their first appearence on January 1, 2005.