Zeeba Zeeba Eata is a fraternity of crocodiles whose goal is to devour and kill Zebra. Larry's family is not part of the fraternity, while Larry is. They formed Eet-a-Zeeb inc. in an attempt to kill Zebra.


The members of Z.Z.E are often stupid crocodiles who come up with fool like-schemes to attempt to eat Zebra. Their plans usually involve someone in the group dying.



See List of Zeeba Zeeba Eata members


  • The crocs are willing to kill each other in order to kill Zebra, though this always fails.
  • Due to their various deaths, Z.Z.E now has only a fraction of its original members. There are currently 18 crocodiles in Z.Z.E.
  • Over 80 Crocdiles from ZZE have died since their first appearence on January 1, 2005.

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